OFFICINE MECCANICHE PELLANDA can count on a modern testing department able to assure Customers the quality of its products thanks to several measuring instruments (constantly calibrated and certified by notified bodies) and thanks to FARO Arm CAM2 and Laser Tracker CAM2 Vantage. They are portable coordinate measuring tool (CMM) that allow to easily verify the quality of products through 3D inspections, CAD comparisons, dimensional analysis and reverse engineering.
FARO Arm CAM2 and Laser Tracker CAM2 are the most avant-garde FARO measuring devices on the market.

Controll system

The daily challenge for OFFICINE MECCANICHE PELLANDA is to guarantee the highest quality standard along all stages of production without increasing costs or delays for Customers in order to be always the right partner.
This is the reason why the production process is constantly monitored through various control systems: processing methods, analysis of the production phases, control of delivery times and testing. The system allows to provide updated reports to Customer on the current status of their projects meeting each time the required deadlines.
The machine park is fully integrated into the informatic system for a smooth and error-free flow of information between the technical and development department and the production lines.
A bar-code printer is implemented in the system. In this way all items can be quickly identified and tracked in the warehouse during all the process.

Mechanical working

Mechanical working




Test Controll System